open-source alternative to google forms and type forms meet OhMyForm

open-source alternative to google forms and type forms meet OhMyForm

Tellform or OhMyForm is an open source alternative to typeforms or Google forms. They use typescript NestJS frameworks for backend and typescript(javascript) for the front end.

Never has there been such a good Open Source form
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Front end: NestJS and TypeORM (API) react.js and rdux (UI)

Backend: typescript NestJS

Database: Postgres, redis, mongo

API: Graphql

Export Submissions to XLS, JSON or CSV




OhMyForm api backend

All calls to the api are through GraphQL, with the endpoint providing an introspectable schema at GET /graphql

An open source alternative to TypeForm that can create stunning mobile-ready forms, surveys and questionnaires.

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Backend package.json content
Frontend UI package.json content

Table of Contents


- Multi-Language Support
- 11 possible question types
- Editable start and end pages
- Export Submissions to XLS, JSON or CSV
- Native Analytics and Google Analytics Support
- Embeddable Forms
- Forms as a Service API
- Customizable Notifications on Form Submission
- Web Hooks on Form Submission
- Deployable with Heroku and DockerHub
- PostgreSQL and sqlite

On the Roadmap

- Custom Subdomains for each User
- Implement encryption for all form data
- Add Typeform API integration
- Add plugin/3rd party integration support (ala Slack)
- Create wiki for easy installation and setup
- Add Stripe/Payment Form field
- Add Custom Background and Dropdown Field Images
- Add File Upload Form Field

How to Contribute

Please checkout our contributing guide on ways to contribute to OhMyForm.


Follow documentation hosted on it will be the main and hopefully only location to obtain the up to date documentation.

if you pull the repository do not forget to execute: git submodule update --init

Some technical Insights



Where to get help


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Code Contributors

This project exists thanks to all the people who contribute. [Contribute].

Financial Contributors

Become a financial contributor and help us sustain our community. [Contribute]



Quick Start Installation of OhMyForm

Docker affords us the luxury of only really having to deal with a very limited number of possible deployment scenarios as we get to ship the entire environment with the app without costing you or us much in the process. Before docker to achieve this we would’ve had to ship an entire virtual machine or even worse build you an identical server and ship it your way. Now its just a docker pull away from reality. This is why we’re going with Docker, there will be documentation on how to do things directly with the source however ideally that will only be Contributor facing.

Three official images are provided via the OhMyForm organization on Docker Hub. You can choose standalone API and UI containers for optimal load-balancing and scalability. For smaller installations, the combined image will be sufficient.

Installation of a Production Instance

OhMyForm recently underwent heavy re-certification and re-factoring and we do not yet recommend that you use it in production. We have managed to achieve the goal of having a working updated and CVE free pre 1.0 release available. We are going to aim for a number of things to be completed before we consider it 1.0 stable but you’re welcome to run it for small campaigns. It’s unlikely that we’re going to break the storage system.

Docker Compose

Docker Compose is a container orchestration tool for managing multi-container docker applications. Multiple example configurations are available to choose from depending on the features you want and your scalability requirements.


OhMyForm can be installed as a CapRover one-click app. It is configured to set up a fully-featured scalable OhMyForm installation using the official docker images. CapRover is an extremely easy to use free and open source self-hosted app/database deployment & web server manager that provides a simple-to-use interface for using Docker, nginx, LetsEncrypt and NetData. You’ll need a CapRover server to use this method.


You can deploy OhMyForm on the hosted PaaS platform Heroku.